CCQ Academy propels your career

We offer valuable training for VIP Private Jet Flight Attendants / In-flight Service Personal, Cockpit Crews and Dispatchers.

Our systematic modular educational system has been designed to supplement your internal training. 

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Get CCQ-Academy Certification to show your professionalism to your clients and employers.

Culinary Art.

Learn the skillfull art of preparing and cooking meals and keep returning your clients to your plane.


Learn how quality contributes to a successful inflight experience for both, the clients and your crew.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Practical on-site training in a state of the art production kitchen
  • Surpass passengers expectations with new learnt skills
  • An excellent addition to your internal training
  • Self confident and efficient crew members due to profound knowledge
  • Outbalanced time management and organisation on board
  • Substantive and financial awareness
  • Facilitation of the crew member's workload through work flow adjustments
  • More valuable Time to care for the passengers needs
  • More consciousness for passengers requirements - Gain deeper insight in to the culinary world
  • Immediate implementation
  • Long-standing and diverse expertise of the instructors

The Educational Objective

  • Providing an understanding for the discerning Passenger - Increase awareness for the needs of the Passengers
  • Proper handling of the exquisite food from around the world
  • Understanding the presentational interplay of ingredients, colours and textures
  • Creation of artful and practical garnishes
  • Mental preparation for the unexpected
  • Awareness of waste and costs

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